A Jacobite Gazetteer - Italy

Gorizia - Palazzo Lantieri

The town of Gorizia is located about forty kilometres north of Trieste on the border with Slovenia; on the other side of the border is the Slovenian town of Gorica. For over fifty years in the nineteenth century this town was a frequent residence of the French Royal Family.

The Palazzo Lantieri is located on the south side of Piazza Sant'Antonio. During the 1880s Princess Maria Theresa, daughter of Queen Mary III and II and sister of King Francis I, lived here with her husband the comte de Chambord. 1 In the staircase of the palazzo is a black marble plaque with a Latin inscription recording the death of the comtesse de Chambord here. 2 Various items connected with the comte de Chambord and his family are retained in the palazzo. In the garden the comtesse de Chambord had a replica of the grotto of Lourdes built.

Today part of the Palazzo Lantieri is a bed-and-breakfast. Telephone: 39.0481.53.32.84. Email: palazzolantieri@activeweb.it.


On the north side of Piazza Sant'Antonio is Palazzo Strassoldo. This palazzo was used as a residence by King Charles X of France, husband of Princess Maria Teresa, daughter of King Victor. Maria Teresa's elder son the duc d'Angoulême died here in 1844. 3

On the edge of the town is Palazzo Coronini Cronberg. This palazzo was also used as a residence by King Charles X of France. As a child, the comte de Chambord (husband of Princess Maria Theresa) lived in this palazzo and in the Palazzo Strassoldo. 4


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