The Royal Family throughout the Year

The phrase "the Royal Family" is a rather imprecise one which can mean different things in different situations. Here it is taken to include those who bear the princely title and their spouses, as well as the King's nephews and nieces and their spouses.

This calendar lists:

  • the birthdays of all living members of the Royal Family;

  • the marriage anniversaries of all living members of the Royal Family if their spouses are still living;

  • the anniversaries of the deaths of all former sovereigns and their spouses (from the personal union of England and Scotland onwards);

  • other significant historical anniversaries.

A genealogical table showing the descendants of Queen Mary IV and III may be of help in identifying those included in this calendar.

Since the death of King Henry IX and I in 1807 no member of the Royal Family has publicly used his English or Scottish titles. The English and Scottish titles accorded to members of the Royal Family in this calendar are those used for them by the Jacobites.


January 1 King James III and VIII died, King Charles III ascended the throne, 1766
January 9 H.I. and R.H. The Princess Rasso (Archduchess Theresia of Austria, Princess of Tuscany) born, 1931
H.R.H. The Prince Corbinian born, 1996
January 10 King Victor died, Queen Mary III and II ascended the throne, 1824
January 15 H.R.H. The Duchess Sophie of Wurttemberg born, 1994
January 18 H.S.H. The Prince of Quadt born, 1958
January 21 H.R.H. The Prince Max born, 1937
January 21 Duke Francis IV of Modena (Consort of Queen Mary III and II) died, 1846
January 22 H.R.H. The Princess Elisabeth, Countess Andreas of Kuefstein born, 1959
January 23 H.R.H. The Prince Heinrich born, 1986
January 24 H.R.H. The Prince Max and Countess Elizabeth Douglas married, 1967
January 28 H.R.H. The Prince Wolfgang born, 1960
January 29 Queen Louise (Consort of King Charles III) died, 1824
January 30 King Charles I assassinated, King Charles II ascended the throne, 1649
January 31 King Charles III died, King Henry IX and I ascended the throne, 1788
February 3 Queen Mary IV and III died, King Robert I and IV ascended the throne, 1919
The Reign of the House of Wittelsbach begins
February 6 King Charles II died, King James II and VII ascended the throne, 1685
The Princess Philip of Greece and Denmark usurped the throne, 1952
February 7 The Prince and Princess of Orange usurped the throne, 1689
Baron Rudolf of Freyberg-Eisenberg (husband of The Princess Benedikta) born, 1958
February 8 Queen Mary II and I martyred, King James I and VI ascended the throne, 1587
February 10 Henry, Duke of Albany (Consort of Queen Mary II and I) died, 1567
February 12 H.R.H. Prince Alexander of Saxony (husband of The Princess Gisela) born, 1953
March 1 Feast of Saint David, Patron of Wales
March 2 Queen Anne (Consort of King James I and VI) died, 1619
March 7 The Venerable Queen Marie Clotilde of Sardinia (Consort of King Charles IV) died, 1802
March 10 H.R.H. The Prince Karl born, 1987
Count Alexander Schenck von Stauffenberg (husband of The Countess Maria Anna of Quadt) born, 1954
March 13 H.R.H. The Princess Benedikta, Baroness Rudolf of Freyberg-Eisenberg, born, 1961
March 17 Feast of Saint Patrick, Bishop, Patron of Ireland
March 21 King Henry IX and I born, 1725
H.R.H. The Princess Wolfgang (Tatiana Maria Eames) born, 1976
March 22 H.Ill.H. The Countess Christoph Schenck von Stauffenberg (Countess Monika of Waldburg-Zeil) born, 1961
March 24 King James I and VI restored to the throne of England, 1603
March 27 King James I and VI died, King Charles I ascended the throne, 1625
March 29 Queen Maria Teresa (Consort of King Victor) died, 1832
March 31 Anne, Duchess of York (Consort of King James II and VII) died, 1671
April 8 H.Ill.H. The Countess Alexander Schenck von Stauffenberg (Countess Maria Anna of Quadt) born, 1960
April 14 H.R.H. The Prince Luitpold born, 1951
April 15 H.R.H. The Duchess Pauline of Wurttemberg born, 1997
April 16 The Battle of Culloden, 1746
April 20 H.S.H. The Prince George of Liechtenstein born, 1999
April 23 Feast of Saint George, Martyr, Patron of England
April 26 Baron Carl of Lerchenfeld (husband of The Countess Walburga of Waldburg-Zeil) born, 1958
May 3 King Albert born, 1905
May 5 H.R.H. The Prince Christoph born, 1962
May 6 H.R.H. The Princess Helena born, 1972
May 7 H.R.H. The Princess Maria Anna born, 1975
May 8 Queen Mary (Consort of King James II and VII) died, 1718
May 10 H.R.H. The Dowager Duchess of Croy (The Princess Gabrielle) born, 1927
May 18 King Robert I and IV born, 1869
May 24 H.S.H. The Prince Joseph Wenzel of Liechtenstein born, 1995
King Charles IV born, 1751
May 25 H.R.H. The Prince Philipp born, 1996
May 29 King Charles II born, 1630
Royal Oak Day, King Charles II restored to the throne, 1660
May 30 H.R.H. The Princess Marie-Gabriele, Dowager Princess of Waldburg-Zeil, born, 1931
June 1 King Francis I born, 1819
June 5 H.S.H. The Prince Engelbert of Croy (husband of The Countess Elisabeth of Waldburg-Zeil) born, 1962
June 10 Queen Marita (Consort of King Albert) died, 1969
White Rose Day - King James III and VIII born, 1688
June 11 H.S.H. The Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein (husband of The Princess Sophie) born, 1968
June 14 H.R.H. The Prince Ludwig born, 1982
June 15 H.R.H. The Duke Carl-Theodor of Wurttemberg born, 1999
June 19 H.R.H. The Prince Tassilo born, 1992
King James I and VI born, 1566
June 20 H.R.H. The Princess Sophie, Dowager Duchess of Arenberg born, 1935
June 23 H.R.H. The Princess Marie-Caroline, Duchess Philipp of Wurttemberg born, 1969
June 25 H.R.H. The Princess Alice, Princess Lukas of Auersperg, born 1981
July 2 Queen Mary IV and III born, 1849
July 3 H.R.H. The Princess Sophie and H.S.H. The Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein married, 1993
July 8 H.M. King Albert died, H.M. The King ascended the throne, 1996
July 11 H.R.H. The Princess of Waldburg-Zeil (Duchess Mathilde of Wurttemberg) born, 1962
July 12 The Battle of the Boyne, 1690
July 13 King Henry IX died, King Charles IV ascended the throne, 1807
July 14 H.M. The King born, 1933
July 24 King Victor born, 1759
July 27 H.R.H. The Princess Marie-Caroline and H.R.H. The Duke Philipp of Wurttemberg married, 1991
July 30 H.S.H. The Princess Engelbert of Croy (Countess Elisabeth of Waldburg-Zeil) born, 1966
July 31 Queen Antonia (Consort of King Robert I and IV) died, 1954
August 1 The Elector of Hannover usurped the throne, 1714
August 2 King Robert I and IV died, King Albert ascended the throne, 1955
August 9 Count Andreas of Kuefstein (husband of The Princess Elisabeth) born, 1954
August 19 The Royal Standard raised at Glenfinnan, 1745
September 9 H.R.H. The Princess Alexander of Saxony (The Princess Gisela) born, 1964
September 10 H.R.H. The Princess Maria-Theresia, Countess Thomas Kornis von Goncz-Ruszka, born, 1956
Queen Henrietta Maria (Consort of King Charles I) died, 1669
September 15 Queen Mary III and II died, King Francis I ascended the throne, 1840
September 16 King James II and VII died, King James III and VIII ascended the throne, 1701
September 19 H.R.H. The Princess Luitpold (Beatrix Wiegand) born, 1951
September 20 The Prince Regent escaped to France, 1746
September 21 H.R.H. Pater Florian, O.S.B. (The Prince Franz-Josef) born, 1957
H.Ill.H. The Countess Walburga of Waldburg-Zeil, Baroness Carl of Lerchenfeld, born, 1958
September 25 H.Ill.H. The Count Max Emanuel of Rechberg (husband of The Countess Adelheid of Waldburg-Zeil) born, 1959
October 4 H.R.H. The Princess Elizabeth born, 1973
Count Thomas Kornis von Goncz-Ruszka (husband of The Princess Maria Theresia) born, 1949
October 5 Queen Marie-Jenke (Consort of King Albert) died, 1983
October 6 King Charles IV died, King Victor ascended the throne, 1819
October 9 Feast of Saint Denis, Patron of France
October 11 H.R.H. The Princess Auguste, Princess Ferdinand zur Lippe-Weissenfeld, born, 1979
October 12 H.R.H. The Prince Marcello born, 1998
October 14 H.R.H. The Princess Christoph (Countess Gudila of Plettenberg-Lenhausen) born, 1962
King James II and VII born, 1633
October 17 H.S.H. The Princess Marie-Caroline of Liechtenstein born, 1996
October 18 King Ludwig III of Bavaria (Consort of Queen Mary IV and III) died, King Robert I and IV ascended the throne of Bavaria, 1921
October 23 H.Ill.H. The Count Bertram of Quadt born, 1966
October 24 Marie-Gabriele, Duchess of Cornwall (Consort of King Robert I and IV) died, 1912
October 28 H.R.H. The Princess Sophie, Hereditary Princess of Liechtenstein born, 1967
Queen Adelgunde (Consort of King Francis I) died, 1914
November 1 H.R.H. The Duke Philipp of Wurttemberg (husband of The Princess Marie-Caroline) born 1964
November 7 Count Peter of Eltz (husband of The Countess Gina of Quadt) born, 1948
November 8 The Prince Regent crossed the English border, 1745
November 17 Queen Mary I died, Queen Mary II and I ascended the throne of England, 1558
November 19 H.R.H. The Prince Richard born, 1993
King Charles I born, 1600
November 20 King Francis I died, Queen Mary IV and III ascended the throne, 1875
November 21 H.S.H. The Prince of Waldburg-Zeil born, 1962
November 22 H.Ill.H. The Countess Gabriele of Waldburg-Zeil born, 1959
November 28 H.Ill.H. The Countess Max Emanuel of Rechberg (Countess Adelheid of Waldburg-Zeil), born, 1964
November 30 Feast of Saint Andrew, Apostle and Martyr, Patron of Scotland
Queen Catherine (Consort of King Charles II) died, 1705
December 5 King Francis II of the French (Consort of Queen Mary II and I) died, 1560
December 6 Queen Mary III and II born, 1792
H.S.H. The Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein born, 2000
December 7 H.S.H. The Princess of Quadt (Martina Keil) born, 1960
December 8 Queen Mary II and I born, 1542
December 14 King James V died, Queen Mary II and I ascended the throne of Scotland, 1542
December 22 King James III and VIII returned to Scotland, 1715
December 23 King James II and VII left England, 1688
December 28 H.Ill.H. The Countess Gina of Quadt, Countess Peter of Eltz, born 1962
December 30 Queen Maria Clementina (Consort of King James III and VIII) died, 1735
December 31 H.R.H. The Princess Max (Countess Elizabeth Douglas) born, 1940
King Charles III born, 1720

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