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Asti - Fondazione 'Centro di Studi Alfieriani'

The town of Asti, located about thirty miles east of Turin.

Palazzo Mazzetti

Palazzo Mazzetti is located at Corso Vittorio Alfieri 357. From 1442 to 1829 it was the residence of the Mazzetti family. In February 1717 King James III stayed in the palace on his way from Avignon to Pesaro. 1

On one wall of the Galleria Mazzetti on the piano nobile are four oval portraits of King Victor, his wife Queen Maria Teresa, and two of their daughters: the future Queen Mary III and II and Princess Maria Teresa (later Duchess of Parma). 2 The paintings are copies of works by Luigi Bernero now at the Palazzo del Quirinale in Rome. 3

Galleria Mazzetti
Galleria Mazzetti

King Victor
King Victor

Queen Maria Teresar
Queen Maria Teresa

Queen Mary III and II
The future Queen Mary III and II

Princess Maria Teresa, later Duchess of Parma
Princess Maria Teresa, later Duchess of Parma

Fondazione 'Centro di Studi Alfieriani'

At Corso Alfieri, 375, is located the Fondazione 'Centro di Studi Alfieriani', a foundation devoted to the town's most famous son, Count Vittorio Alfieri.

The headquarters of the foundation include a museum in which hangs a portrait of Queen Louise (wife of King Charles III). The painting is by Edouard Marsal and is based upon the portrait by François-Xavier Fabre now in the Uffizi. 4 The museum also displays a painting by François-Xavier Fabre of Oedipus on Mount Citheron; the dog in the picture is "Pirro", Queen Louise's pet. 5 Pyrrhus also appears in a painting by Fabre now in the museum of the Musée Fabre in Montpellier.

Website: www.fondazionealfieri.it. Telephone:


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