A Jacobite Gazetteer - Italy


The town of Faenza is located 50 kilometres south-east of Bologna.

King James III and VIII visited the town, March 15, 1717, as the guest of Count Gaspare Ferniani. 1 James was travelling from Modena to Pesaro. Presumably he stayed at the Palazzo Ferniani, located at Via Naviglio, 14 (at the intersection with Via Campidori). The palazzo was beautifully restored in 1995. 2

James returned to Faenza June 29, 1728, this time accompanied by the Prince of Wales (later King Charles III). 3

Palazzo Ferniani
Palazzo Ferniani

In the Pinacoteca Comunale is an oil on canvas portrait of King Charles I by Frans Pourbus the Younger. 4

King Charles I
King Charles I


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