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Vienna - Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien

The Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien (sometimes today called the Wien Museum) is located in Karlsplatz.

The museum owns a painting by Leopold Bucher of the marriage of Princess Maria Anna (daughter of King Victor to King Ferdinand V of Hungary (later Emperor Ferdinand of Austria). 1 The wedding took place on February 27, 1831, in the chapel of the Hofburg in Vienna. At the right of the painting can be seen the kneeling couple receiving the blessing of the Prince-Archbishop of Olmütz, Cardinal Rudolph von Habsburg. At the centre kneeling at a prie-dieu are Ferdinand's father Emperor Francis I of Austria (formerly Holy Roman Emperor) and his fourth wife Empress Caroline Auguste. Among the people at left of the painting is Maria Anna's sister Princess Maria Teresa, Duchess of Lucca (later Duchess of Parma). 2

Wedding of Princess Maria Anna and Ferdinand of Austria
Wedding of Princess Maria Anna and Ferdinand of Austria


1 800 Jahre Deutscher Orden: Ausstellung des Germanischen Nationalmuseums Nürnberg in Zusammenarbeit mit der Internationalen Historischen Kommission zur Erforschung des Deutschen Ordens (Gütersloh, Germany: Bertelsmann Lexikon, 1990), 273. The oil on canvas painting measures 73.5 cm high and 105.5 cm wide. Leopold Bucher was born in 1797 and died about 1858; he was an official court painter for the Emperor of Austria.

2 Maria Teresa, Duchess of Lucca, was definitely present for the wedding; cf. Wiener Zeitung (28. Februar, 1831): 1. It is possible that other members of Maria Anna's family were also present.

Image 1 (Wedding of Princess Maria Anna and Ferdinand of Austria): 800 Jahre Deutscher Orden, 273.

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