Wha'll Be King But Charlie?

The news from Moidart cam yestreen
Will soon gar mony ferlie,
For ships o war hae just come in
And landed Royal Charlie.

Come through the heather, around him gather,
Ye're all the welcomer early;
Around him cling with a your kin,
For wha'll be King but Charlie?
Come through the heather, around him gather
Come Ronald, come Donald, come a thegither;
And crown your rightfu lawfu King
For wha'll be King but Charlie?

The Highland clans with sword in hand
Frae John o Groats tae Airlie
Hae tae a man declared to stand
Or fa wi Royal Charlie.

The Lowlands a, both great an sma,
Wi many's a lord and laird hae
Declared for Scotia's King an Law,
And spier ye wha, but Charlie.

There's ne'er a lass in a the land
But vows both late and early
To man she'll neer give heart nor hand
Wha wadna fecht fer Charlie.

Then here's a health tae Charlie's cause,
And be't complete and early;
His very name our heart's bluid warms;
Tae arms for Royal Charlie.

Lyrics by Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne (1766-1845).

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