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Basilica di San Lorenzo in Damaso

Chasuble of King Henry IX and I
Chasuble of King Henry IX and I

This church is located in the middle of the Palazzo della Cancelleria at the corner of Via Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Piazza della Cancelleria. While Cardinal Bishop of Frascati, Henry also received this church as a cardinalitial title in commendam, January 24, 1763. When he was transferred from the diocese of Frascati to the diocese of Ostia and Velletri, September 26, 1803, Henry retained the title of San Lorenzo in Damaso in commendam until his death.

In the sacristy of the church is a chasuble embroidered with Henry's coat of arms as Duke of York. It is a white silk vestment heavily embroidered in gold thread. To see the chasuble one merely has to ask at the sacristy. The sacristy is lined with cabinets. Below cabinet XIII are several drawers (numbered "6"); Henry's chasuble is located in the second drawer from the top.


Image 1 (Chasuble of King Henry IX and I): Armando Schiavo, Il Palazzo della Cancelleria (Rome: Staderini, 1963), Plate XXXVIII.

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