A Jacobite Gazetteer - Rome

Palazzo Gualterio

When King James III and VIII first arrived in Rome, May 26, 1717, he was the guest of Cardinal Filippo Antonio Gualterio (also spelt, Gualtieri); James remained as a guest in the Gualterio palace until he withdrew to Urbino, July 3, 1717. 1 I have not yet been able to identify the location of this palace. One source says that it was "near the Lateran"; 2 another source says that it was "on Via del Corso". 3

Cardinal Gualterio had been associated with the Stuart court for a number of years. He had formerly served as Papal Nuncio in Paris. On December 26, 1711, James named him Ambassador to the Court of Rome, and on August 24, 1711, he nominated him to be Protector of the Kingdom of England. 4 On July 6, 1717, Pope Clement XI finally named Gualterio to be Protector of the Kingdom of England, an office he retained until his death in 1728. 5 In 1705, King James raised Cardinal Gualterio's brother, Giovanni Battista Gualterio, to the Peerage of Scotland as Earl of Dundee. 6


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