A Jacobite Gazetteer - Germany - Hannover

Landesmuseum Hannover

King James III and VIII
James, Prince of Wales

The Landesmuseum Hannover is the state art collection in the city of Hannover.

The museum owns a portrait of James, Prince of Wales (later King James III and VIII) by François de Troy.1 James wears a metal breastplate over a red jacket. Over the breastplate he wears the blue sash of the Most Noble Order of the Garter. The portrait is dated to 1700. It was acquired by the Landesmuseum Hannover in 1887.2



1 The oil on canvas portrait measures 71 cm high by 58 cm wide. François de Troy was born in Toulouse in 1645, and died in Paris in 1730. He painted several other portraits of James III, one of which is now in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, another at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, and another in the Palazzo Corsini in Rome

2 Harald Seiler, Niedersächsische Landesgalerie Hannover (Köln: M. DuMont Schauberg, 1969), 259.

Image 1 (James, Prince of Wales): Edward Corp, The King Over the Water: Portraits of the Stuarts in Exile after 1689 (Edinburgh: Scottish National Portrait Gallery, 2001), 40. A larger, but black-and-white, photograph of the portrait is in Seiler, 104.

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