A Jacobite Gazetteer - Austria

Baden bei Wien

The town of Baden is located some 25 kilometres south of Vienna.

Archduchess Elisabeth, wife of Archduke Ferdinand and mother of Queen Mary IV and III is buried in the Helenen Friedhof. 1 The cemetery is located on Steinbruchgasse near Wasserleitungstrasse (on the other side of the river from the church at Helenenstrasse 96). The church is now part of the parish of St. Christoph (Telephone: 02252/444.82).

Presumably Archduchess Elisabeth is buried here because of its proximity to the Weilburg, the palace belonging to the family of her second husband Archduke Karl Ferdinand of Austria; the palace was destroyed at the end of World War II. 2

In 1912 Prince Franz (younger son of Queen Mary IV and III) married Princess Isabella of Croÿ at the Weilburg. At the time the palace was the home of the groom's uncle Archduke Friedrich of Austria (Queen Mary's half-brother) who was married to the bride's aunt (another Princess Isabella of Croÿ).


1 Alois Jahn, Das Haus Habsburg (Privately printed, 2001), Band I, Teil 2.

2 One of Archduchess Elisabeth's granddaughters (Archduchess Eleonora, daughter of Queen Mary's half-brother Archduke Karl Stephan) is also buried in the Helenenfriedhof.

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