Association of the Nobility and Gentlemen of York, September 24, 1745

A printed version of the text can be found in The Gentleman's Magazine 15 (September 1745), 472.

Whereas there is now a horrid and unnatural rebellion formed and carried on in Scotland by papists and other wicked and traiterous persons, countenanced and supported by the old and inveterate enemies of our country and the religion and liberties thereof, the crowns of France and Spain, in order to dethrone his present majesty King George, the only rightful and lawful king of these realms, and having subverted our religion, laws and liberties (which God forbid) to set upon the throne a popish pretender, a dependant and a slave to those tyrannous and corrupted courts: we the Lord Archbishop of York, lords lieutenants, nobility, deputy lieutenants, justices of the peace, clergy, gentlemen, freeholders and others of the county of York, whose names are subscribed to this writing, and every of us, being of opinion, that in times so full of danger and treasonable practices as these are, an union of our hearts and forces will be most conducing to His Majesty's safety and the public good of our country, do voluntarily and willingly bind ourselves, every one of us to the other jointly and severally, in the band of one firm and loyal society, and do hereby promise, that with our whole powers, bodies, lives, and estates, we and every of us will stand by and assist each other in the support and defence of His Majesty's sacred person and government, and will withstand, offend and pursue, as well by force of arms as by all other means, the said popish pretender and traitors, and also all manner of persons of what state soever they be and their abettors that shall attempt, act, counsel or consent to anything that shall tend to the harm of His Majesty King George, or of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, or any of their issue, or to the subversion of His Majesty's government. And we do by this instrument declare, that noone of us shall, for any respect of persons or causes, or fear or reward, separate ourselves from this association, or fail in the prosecution thereof during our lives.

Dated at the Castle of York, the 24th day of September, in the year of our Lord 1745.

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