Order of the Prince Regent to the Inhabitants of Edinburgh, September 18, 1745

A printed version of the text can be found in A full collection of all the proclamations and orders published by the authority of Charles Prince of Wales, ... since his arrival in Edinburgh the 17th day of September, till the 15th of October, 1745 (Glasgow, 1745), pages 13-14 (Eighteenth Century Short-Title Catalogue T071882).

Charles, Prince of Wales, etc., Regent of Scotland, England, France, and Ireland, with the Dominions thereto belonging.

These are ordering and requiring the whole inhabitants of the Town of Edinburgh and suburbs thereof and the County of Midlothian forthwith to surrender and give up to us, or the officers appointed by us to receive them, the whole arms and ammunition in their custody and possession, to be used for His Majesty's service; certifying all those who neglect the due observance of the premises shall be deemed rebels or disaffected persons to our interest, and treated as such; excepting herefrom such as voluntarily engage in our service. And we hereby further order and require that such persons as give their arms shall deliver them at their own expense at His Majesty's Palace of Holyroodhouse. These our orders we appoint to be publicly proclaimed at the Market Cross of Edinburgh, that none may pretend ignorance.

Given at His Majesty's Palace of Holyroodhouse, this 18th September, 1745.

By His Highness's command, J. Murray

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