Scottish Convention's Proclamation against Papists, March 20, 1689

A printed version of the text can be found on pages 5 and 6 of The acts & orders of the meeting of the estates of the kingdom of Scotland holden and begun at Edinburgh, the 14th day of March, 1689, Edinburgh: Printed by the heir of Andrew Anderson, 1690 (Wing / S1161).

The meeting of Estates of this Kingdom -- considering the danger and hazard the religion, peace, and quiet of the Kingdom is in, by the growth and increase of popery and papists of late, occasioned by the employing them in places of greatest trust within the Kingdom, and continuing them in places and offices, civil and military, and allowing them to exercise the same also freely in all respects as Protestants, against the standing laws of the Kingdom -- have thought fit to discharge, and hereby discharges, all papists from exercising any civil or military offices within this kingdom, and from exercising as sheriffs of shires, stewarts of stewartries, baillies of regalities, magistrates of burghs, justices of peace, colonels, lieutenant-colonels, captains of horse, and other officers in the militia, or carrying arms therein, under the pains and penalties contained in the Acts of Parliament.

And for the further security of the public peace and quiet, they require and command all papists within the Kingdom, of whatsoever rank and condition, to deliver up their arms (excepting gentlemen, their ordinary wearing swords) to the sheriffs, stewarts, lords, or baillies of regalities, and magistrates of burghs, within whose jurisdiction they live, viz. those on the south side of the Water of Esk, within six days after publication hereof, at the Mercat-Cross of the head burgh of the shire; and these on the north side of the said Water, within ten days after the same. Certifying such as shall be found to have any arms after the days foresaid respective, they shall be proceeded against with all rigor for their contempt and disobedience; and ordains and requires the said sheriffs and other magistrates foresaid, or in case of their negligence the colonels or lieutenant colonels of the militia foot, or captains of horse, to search for and seize upon any arms, which they shall be informed to be kept up undelivered belonging to papists in any houses or places suspected, and to secure the same, and to return an exact account of their diligence betwixt and the days following, viz. these on this side of Esk, betwixt and the tenth day of April next, and these benorth the same, betwixt and the twentieth day of the same month of April, as they will be answerable on their highest peril.

And the said Estates do command and charge all papists not being inhabitants of the Town of Edinburgh or any place adjacent thereto to remove ten miles from the said town, or at least to their respective dwelling-houses, within forty-eight hours after publication hereof, under all highest pains; and grants order and warrant to heralds, macers, or messengers at arms, sheriffs in that part, to pass to the Mercat-Cross of Edinburgh, and remanent Mercat-Crosses of the several head-burghs of the shires, and make publication hereof in the usual manner; and ordains their presents to be printed, that none may pretend ignorance.

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