Act Declaring the Scottish Convention a Free and Lawful Meeting, March 16, 1689

A printed version of the text can be found on pages 1 and 2 of The acts & orders of the meeting of the estates of the kingdom of Scotland holden and begun at Edinburgh, the 14th day of March, 1689, Edinburgh: Printed by the heir of Andrew Anderson, 1690 (Wing / S1161).

Forasmuch as there is a letter from King James the Seventh presented to the meeting of the Estates, they before opening thereof declare and enact that, notwithstanding of anything that may be contained in that letter for dissolving them or impeding their procedure, yet that they are a free and lawful meeting of the Estates, and will continue undissolved, until they settle and secure the Protestant relgion, the government, laws and liberties of the kingdom.

The Clergy and Nobility subscribed thus:

Jo. Glasgow; Jo. Dunkelden; Will. Moravien; Io. Rossen; Robert Dumblanen; Arch. Sodoren; And. Orcaden; Hamilton; Douglas; Athol; Crafurd; Lothian; Mortoun; Linlithgow; Eglington; Forfar; Lovit; Bellanden; Lindores; Newark; Blantyre; Argile; Southerland; Glencairn; Airly; Levin; Annandale; Tweddale; Panmure; Tarras; Dundonnald; Belcarras; Stormont; Kenmure; Arbushnet; Tarbat; Dundie; Carmichael; Cardross; Belhaven; Rutherfoord; Bargany; Ross; Torpichen; Forrester; Rollo; Elphingstoun; Duffus; Ruthven.

The Barons subscribed thus:

J. Maitland; Robert Sinclair; Ad. Cockburn; Andrew Agnew; Da. Arnot; Wm Elliot; Pat. Scot; Thomas Drummond; Pat. Ogilvie; W. Anstruthers; Will. Mcdougal; Patrick Murray; D. Carmichael; W. Baillie of Lamingtoun; David Boyl; H. Mcguffock; James Foulis; James Montgomery; Blair of that Ilk; Da. Erskine Dun; Jo. Maxwel; Ar. Cockburn; Jo. Dempster; J. Houstoun; William Colquhoun; Charles Erskine; Pat. Hume of Polwart; S. D. Ca. Auchinbreck; Ar. Murray; Geo. Pringle; Ad. Gordon; Go. Dalzell; Ja. Johnston; Tho. Dumbar; T. Burnet; Da. Bruce; C. Hamilton; Io. Haldan; William Scot; Lodovick Grant; Ja. Ramsay; Alexander Arbuthnet; William Cunninghame; Al. Duff; D. Forbes; Jo. Gordon; Ja. Moire; A. Brodie; John Campbel Carrick.

The Burgesses subscribed thus:

John Hall; Geo. Stirline; Robert Smith; Ja. Fletcher; Jo. Anderson; J. Murray; Ja. Ogilvie; Jo. Dalrymple; Hugh Kennedry; James Smith; John Moor; Ar. Ged; Alexander Spitle; Alexander Cunninghame; I. Mudie; Jo Ewart; Robert Melvill; I. Cuthbert; Ja. Kennan; Ja. Smollet; Will. Coltrain; Charles Halket; Geo. Smith; T. Hamilton; Io. Boswall; Pat. Steven; Ja. Stuart; Jo. Muir; Hugh Wallace; Pat. Murdoch; I. Carnegie; Ja. Smith; Io. Scot; Robert Cleland; Will Ross; G. Gordon; Jo. Ross; Hugh Brown; John Anderson; Wa. Stuart; Will. Hamilton; Tho. Tulloch; David Spence; Will. Heggins; Jo. Boswell; A. Gordon; Will. Arskine; Will. Cochran; Patrick Wallace; Alexander Gordon.

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