Address of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal to the Prince of Orange, December 25, 1688

A printed version of the text can be found on pages 166 and 167 of A Kingdom without a King: The Journal of the Provisional Government in the Revolution of 1688, edited by Robert Beddard (Oxford: Phaidon Press, 1988).

We, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal assembled, do desire Your Highness to take upon you the administration of public affairs, both civil and military, and the disposal of the public revenue, for the preservation of our religion, rights, laws, liberties, and properties, and of the peace of the nation; and that Your Highness will take into your particular care the present condition of Ireland, and endeavour by the most speedy and effectual means to prevent the danger threatening that Kingdom. All which we make our requests to Your Highness to undertake and exercise until the meeting of the intended Convention, the 22d of January next. In which we doubt not such proper methods will be taken, as will conduce to the establishment of these things upon such sure and legal foundations, that they may not be in danger of being again subverted.

Dated at the House of Lords, Westminster, December 25, 1688.

Lord Archbishop of York
Duke of Norfolk
Duke of Somerset
Duke of Grafton
Duke of Ormond
Duke of Beaufort
Duke of Northumberland
Marquess of Hallifax
Earl of Lydsey
Earl of Oxford
Earl of Shrewsbury
Earl of Kent
Earl of Bedford
Earl of Pembroke
Earl of Dorset
Earl of Northampton
Earl of Devonshire
Earl of Bolingbroke
Earl of Manchester
Earl of Mulgrave
Earl of Rivers
Earl of Stamford
Earl of Winchelsea
Earl of Thanet
Earl of Scarsdale
Earl of Clarendon
Earl of Anglesey
Earl of Craven
Earl of Ailesbury
Earl of Burlington
Earl of Litchfield
Earl of Sussex
Earl of Macclesfield
Earl of Radnor
Earl of Yarmouth
Earl of Berkeley
Earl of Nottingham
Earl of Rochester
Earl of Abingdon
Lord Viscount Fauconberg
Lord Viscount Mordaunt
Lord Viscount Newport
Lord Viscount Weymouth
Lord Viscount Hatton
Lord Bishop [of] London
Lord Bishop [of] Duresme
Lord Bishop [of] Winchester
Lord Bishop [of] St. Asaph
Lord Bishop [of] Ely
Lord Bishop [of] Chichester
Lord Bishop [of] Rochester
Lord Bishop [of] Bristol
Lord Delawarr
Lord Grey [of] Ruthin
Lord Eure
Lord Wharton
Lord Paget
Lord North and Grey
Lord Chandois
Lord Mountague
Lord Grey [of] Wark
Lord Lovelace
Lord Maynard
Lord Howard [of] Escrick
Lord Jermin
Lord Vaughan Cherbury
Lord Culpepper
Lord Astley
Lord Lucas
Lord Cornwallis
Lord Delamere
Lord Crew
Lord Lumley
Lord Carteret
Lord Ossulstone
Lord Godolphin
Lord Churchill

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