Scottish Thanksgiving for the Birth of the Prince of Wales, June 10, 1688

The following document (Wing S1454) was published probably in Edinburgh by the heirs of Andrew Anderson, 1688.

Act of His Majesty's Privy Council of Scotland, for a solemn and public thanksgiving upon the birth of the most serene and high-born prince, the Prince and Steward of Scotland, Prince of Wales, etc., born at St. James's the 10th of June, 1688.

Present in Council:

The Earl of Perth, etc., Lord High Chancellor
The Lord Archbiship of St. Andrews
The Lord Duke of Hamilton
The Lord Marquess of Douglas
The Earl of Linlithgow
The Earl of Lauderdale
The Earl of Airlie
The Earl of Belcarras
     The Lord Viscount Tarbat
The Master of Balmerino
The Lord President of Session
The Lord Advocate
The Lord Justice Clerk
The Lord Castlehill
Major General Grahame of Claverhouse
The Laird of Nidry

Edinburgh, the fourteenth day of June, 1688

It having pleased the Almighty God, by whom kings reign, to bless His Sacred Majesty our august and glorious monarch, and in him us his dutiful and happy subjects, with the birth of the most serence and high-born prince, the Prince and Steward of Scotland, etc, by his royal consort our gracious Queen Mary, and these glad news being intimated to us by a most welcome letter under his royal hand, with acknowledgement of this great blessing, do in the first place thank the great King of Heaven for so extraordinary a mercy, fitted to unite all our hearts and prevent all our jealousies; not doubting but that all His Majesty's loyal subjects will express their solemn and sincere joy, upon so signal an occasion, and that they will put up their ardent prayers to the Almighty, to whom they owe this hopeful prince, for prolonging his life, in which they ought to be concerned as in their chief earthly blessing next to that of his royal parents, whom God preserve. And for this end, we the Lords of His Majesty's Privy Council do, by His Majesty's special warrant, appoint and ordain that a solemn and public thanksgiving be kept and observed in all the churches of this His Majesty's ancient kingdom on the respective days after specified, viz: those in the Diocese of Edinburgh, and the three Lothians, on Thursday the 21st day of June instant; and in all the other parish churches of the kingdom on the Thursday thereafter, being the 28th of the same month. And we, by warrant foresaid, do accordingly require and command the Most Reverend and the Right Reverend the Archbishops and Bishops to take care that intimation be made hereof by the ministers reading the same from their pulpits the Lord's Day immediately preceeding the said days of thanksgiving and solemnity respective, and that in all the parish churches within their dioceses the said thanksgiving be accordingly celebrated; and we require and command the magistrates of all boroughs royal, that they cause the said thanksgiving and solemnity be observed with all suitable marks of joy and congratulation within their respective boroughs, and ordain the Lyon King of Arms and his brethren heralds, macers of council, and pursuivants, forthwith to pass to the market cross of Edinburgh and make publication of these presents.

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